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I have a true passion for the whole child. I believe that all children deserve a fair chance at feeling accomplished in their young life. Every child has a different atmosphere at home, where it all starts but at Philautia Pediatric Wellness Center, for the moment your child is in our atmosphere which will teach them to channel their emotions, gather their thoughts, challenge themselves physically and gain confidence to apply to their own life to feel accomplished.  We use proven practices that motivate social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical wellness. The whole child!

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Let me help your child gain confidence in their body. Kids are under so much pressure these days to look a certain way. So while we gain philautia, we can also plan meals and excersise to look & feel great!


Eat at least five servings a day of fruits and veggies. Choose a variety of protein foods, like lean meat and poultry, seafood, beans, soy products, and nuts. Eat whole grains (like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal), which provide fiber to help you feel full. Eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

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Dr. Britney Elzey, Phd, CPLC, Doula & Montessori Directress

Dr. Britney Powers-Elzey also known as "Dr. Joy" by her pediatric patients is a mom & wife of 3 who has always had a passion for the wellness of children. Her many educational & business accomplishments will show. Upon completion of her Bachelor or education in 2009, she continued gaining certification with the American Montessori Society where she shortly after opened her family day home Montessori program in 2011 – 2020. During this time, she furthered her passion by completing DONA & by gaining a Master's En Passant in Health Science while gaining her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2020. In her dream to counsel children & teens to being a better self, she took on a certification in Pediatric Life coach in 2021 shortly before launching Philautia Pediatric Wellness Center.


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Your Greatest Self.


As teens search for their place in the world, many struggle through situations that challenge beliefs about themselves they’ve clung to for years.

Confidence is not the same thing as feel-good self-esteem. For many years, the self-esteem movement urged adults to build children’s self-esteem as if it were a quality that could be bestowed rather than earned Showering unearned praise on children created an anxious generation that feared failure and loathed thinking creatively. Quite the opposite of having confidence.

While we want young people to have high self-esteem, it must be earned. In simplest terms, build your child’s confidence by letting them know that their actions led to an outcome. This also helps them understand they have control.

Make the shift from “You are...” to “You did...and therefore...happened.”  For example, rather than saying “You are so good at math,” say “You studied really hard and it paid off.”

When young people master a task, they believe in their abilities, build confidence and earn authentic self-esteem.

Focus on What’s Been Done Right

Teens receive evaluations from many places. Grades from school. Scores from sports events. Peer judgement. Many adults focus primarily on adolescent risk-taking, faults, or mistaken behaviors. They may do this with good intentions, but focusing on problems can be undermining and generate powerlessness.

We cannot shield our teens from all of the messages that may lower their confidence, but we can be a protective force that emphasizes their abilities. Young people will make mistakes. But if we focus only on what they have done wrong, it’s as if we’re attaching weights to their legs that make it harder for them to rise. When we address problems we must also recognize their strengths. This energizes our tweens and teens to turn failure into a learning experience from which they will grow.